FX Digitalization


FX Digitalization

The State Bank of Pakistan’s Vision of Digital Pakistan

In alignment with the Government of Pakistan’s vision of Digital Pakistan, the State Bank of Pakistan has introduced a transformative initiative—the Foreign Exchange (FX) Portal. This pioneering platform signifies a significant stride towards fully digitizing FX requests, empowering both businesses and individuals with seamless access to foreign exchange services.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Digital Platform: The FX Portal offers a comprehensive digital platform, enabling businesses and individuals to interact with banks seamlessly for their foreign exchange requirements.

  • Efficiency and Cost Savings: By replacing traditional paper-based requests with electronic submissions, the initiative enhances operational efficiency and delivers cost savings, aligning with modern business practices.

  • Compliance with State Bank Directives: Our application ensures full compliance with State Bank directives, facilitating the submission of all foreign exchange-related documents with digital signatures, thereby ensuring security and reliability.

In essence, FX Digitalization represents a pivotal step towards modernizing FX operations, driving efficiency, and supporting the Government of Pakistan’s ambitious vision of Digital Pakistan.

In this secure digital environment, customers of banks can submit cases pertaining to:

  • Private and Commercial Foreign Remittances
  • International Trade Transactions
  • Investments, and more.