ePRC Issuance


ePRC: Streamlining Remittance Verification

  • Efficient Processing: ePRC (Electronic Proceed Realization Certificate) streamlines the authentication and verification of overseas remittances from the processing bank. It’s a seamless end-to-end digital process that integrates with the core banking system.

  • Government Compliance: This digital portal facilitates the issuance of PRCs for clients and third parties, ensuring compliance with government regulations. Verification from government authorities is also seamlessly integrated into the process.

  • Digital Initiative: Similar to PSW, ePRC aligns with the Government’s vision for Digital Pakistan, aiming to modernize and digitize key processes within the financial sector.

Our Contribution: We’ve developed an automated portal for ePRC issuance and verification tailored for Citibank Pakistan. This solution enables customers to promptly receive digital PRC certificates upon remittance credit. Notably, our application eliminates the need for customers to physically visit a branch for processing overseas remittances, enhancing convenience and efficiency.