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Interactive Multimedia CDs are an innovative way to promote your ideas to the potential buyers. Our multimedia cd presentation service covers business, corporates, educational, tutors and trainners. It's a known fact that presentation creates visual impact and attracts and engrosses one to watch it. Multimedia CDs are not as popular as websites. However, the touch and effect you can leave from a CD is far distant from a website. It's way to greet your old and existing customers, build trust among your potential buyers and advertisment to viewers alike.

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  Dewan Farooque Motors Limited.
Dewan Group of Industries.

  Sajid Textiles Industries (Pvt.) Ltd
Exclusive manufacturers for Marks & Spencer and other leading brands.

  Bilal Brothers
Welcome to the World of Fitness Machine.

  Crescent Enterprises
Promotional textile campaign partner.

  NCB (Pvt.) Ltd
Plains to grow with its formidable clients.

  Moon light Industries
Exclusive designs for elegent minds.